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5 Tips on Taking the Best Photography During Vacation

Having the opportunity to take a well-deserved vacation is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, especially when you take your family or friends with you. When this happens, a fun-filled leisure experience surely awaits, so taking photos along the way is a must. If you are in search of hotels in Ortigas that will help aid your photos with classy and aesthetic features, then Astoria Plaza should be on the top of your travel bucket list.  

With its top-notch amenities, lavish suites, and other grand facilities, this luxurious hotel in Ortigas will provide you with more picturesque spots ready for your social media-worthy photos. Read on as we share with you some tips on how to make every moment a picture-perfect memory during your staycation. 

1. Find a scenic background. 

The background always plays a vital role when capturing photos because oftentimes, whatever is going on around you can make or break a picture. So, be sure to figure out the perfect, scenic backdrop that can help your photos look cool and astounding. After discovering a preferred background, strike the pose you are comfortable doing and feel free to add some props, too. Try this and you will surely achieve the Instagram-worthy photos you have been longing for in your social media feed! 

2. Set the right angle.

The message of a photo can also be conveyed through various angle shots. An angle in a photo often delivers quirkiness as it can create an illusion, a size, or a direction. Let us say you want to capture the whole place with you being the subject in a bird’s eye view, so the angle must be set at an aerial perspective, which can be possible with the use of a drone. Another thing, if you want to capture the whole landscape of the place, you can use a wider angle to achieve this. Just keep on practicing until you get the right angle that you love for your vacation photos. 

3. Shoot some silhouette photos. 

Photo by @dmdeguzman_ 

Silhouettes evoke serenity and privacy. It is sometimes used by people on vacation, especially at sunset. A picture like this can be visually appealing with aesthetic lighting from the back. You can even add more playfulness by playing with the lights to create an artistic shadow effect. Another thing you can do is by opening the curtains of the windows to showcase the magnificent view. Lovely, isn’t it?

4. Take advantage of the natural light. 

Photo by @c_j_g_p_ 

Indoor settings can be dreadful when taking photos, especially if the area does not let in enough natural light. Good thing, Astoria Plaza – one of the best hotels in Ortigas, Pasig City – has amazing outdoor spots where you can achieve the perfect lighting for your photographs. Be it in our pristine pool or the façade area, our luxe haven is always ready to be your Instagram playground.  

5. Be in your best outfit 

Photo by @erikatrecci 

Lastly, we will not be taking for granted the power of outfits! Aside from planning the venue of your staycation, your OOTDs must be well-organized for this occasion. It is exciting for everyone who loves to dress up to attain the best pictorial-forward clothes during a much-awaited staycation. This also adds glamour and style as it exudes the person’s personality and confidence in the picture.  

That wraps up our guide to taking the best photos during your vacation! Now, if you are looking for a premium hotel experience, Astoria Plaza is here to offer an exclusive and peaceful ambiance for all guests who want to book a well-deserved holiday. To gain more information about Astoria Plaza, visit our website at or contact us at (+63 2) 8687-1111 loc. 8002 and 8881 or (+63) 917-889-8277.    

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