Safety in the City


A definitive guide in booking your favorite hotel in Ortigas
Safety in the City


A definitive guide in booking your favorite hotel in Ortigas

Traveling to Manila in the New Normal: A Guide

Welcome to Manila! Your stay at Astoria Plaza is about to happen! To enjoy your stay, please do remember these guidelines as part of our effort to fight COVID-19 from spreading.

Please be informed that we will accommodate only the following:

1. Distressed OFWs who are eligible to avail of accommodation assistance from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) pursuant to relevant OWWA guidelines and issuances

2. Seafarers for quarantine

3. Returning overseas Filipinos

4. Foreign nationals that are allowed to enter into the Philippines

5. Health workers who need easy access to their place of work

Kindly bring documents such as company I.D., seaman’s book, plane ticket copy, passport with proof of arrival, and booking confirmation upon check-in.

We are enforcing a strict “NO FACE SHIELD AND MASK, NO ENTRY” policy.

To combat COVID-19, The Astoria Group will be implementing strict measures in the interest of public safety.

  • Guests will be subjected to a thermal device inspection before entering the hotel.
  • Guests will be guided to our designated check-in area, for the quick check-in process.
  • Guests will be asked to register on our contact tracing app “Stay Safe.PH.”

Sanitation protocols are also being strictly implemented to help and protect the safety and health of our guests and colleagues. Please also be reminded of the following:

  • Only registered guests are allowed in the hotel. Visitors are not permitted in under the New Normal guidelines.
  • Social distancing in the elevator, front desk, and lobby must be observed.
  • Use of designated elevator for the check-in of guests for quarantine will be observed.
  • Use of protective gear by hotel personnel will be observed.
  • No deliveries from outside the hotel and no sending out of deliveries. VISITORS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • For quarantine bookings, guests are not allowed to go outside their room.
  • Social gatherings, including visits to other rooms and receiving of visitors, are also NOT ALLOWED AT ALL TIMES.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the guest rooms and within the hotel premises.
  • The use of common recreational facilities, such as swimming pool and gym, is prohibited until such time that they resume operation.

Also, in compliance with the Department of Tourism’s Health and Safety Guidelines Governing the Operations of Accommodation Establishments under the New Normal, all guests must complete a health declaration form upon check-in or, at most, one (1) day prior to check-in. Forms filled up beyond that period is considered invalid. The health declaration form will be sent to the guest 3 days before the check-in date.

Safety in the City

Your safety is our priority, and to keep COVID-19 at bay, we strictly adhere to these guidelines mandated by the Department of Health and Department of Tourism:

1. Our Fearless Frontliners sanitize each area of the hotel. We make use of medical-grade solutions and state-of-the-art disinfecting equipment, such as UV light machines and steam vacuums, to kill viruses and bacteria.

2. All high-contact points, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, are cleaned regularly.

3. All employees are subjected to regular antigen tests, and are required to wear face masks, acetate face shields, and hand gloves. Guests are also asked to wear face masks and face shields for extra protection.

4. Safety signages and markers are placed in common areas of the hotel.

5. Temperature checks are carried out by our Security personnel prior to entry of all employees and guests. Everyone is also asked to sanitize the soles of their shoes using our disinfecting foot mats.

6. Our highly disciplined staff strictly follow and implement social distancing protocols.

7. We have placed ethyl alcohol bottles and dispensers in the most crowded areas of the hotel.

8. Seats in our restaurants, cafes, and bars are placed one meter apart. Furthermore, tables and chairs are sanitized after each use.

9. Guests are given a temporary face mask holder to put their masks in before enjoying our gourmet offerings.

10. Digital menus have also been prepared to minimize contact.

11. Aside from being regularly sanitated, all Astoria vehicles are equipped with a first-aid kit, a protective plastic barrier between the driver seat and passenger cabin, a spray bottle of 70% alcohol solution, an extra set of PPEs (face masks and disposable gloves) for guests, a trash bin dedicated for disposal of used PPEs, paper tissues, a spray bottle with diluted chlorine solution, and a sanitation rag.