Fifth Season Spa

Massage Therapy

Relaxing Full Body Massage

A full body massage that concentrates on the muscles and body tissues for improve circulation, flexibility and skin tone. This massage promotes excellent sense of well-being and relaxation.

60 minutes Php 800

Japanese Zen Shiatsu

Melt away your tension with this dry massage. Targeting pressure points, finger and palm pressure, with incorporated stretches to allievate pain and release tension from within. An invigorating yet relaxing massage that re-establish vital energy in the body.

60 minutes Php 800

Hilot Massage

An Ancient Filipino art of healing integrated in a massage to relax stressed muscles. A complete sensory experience with the use of banana leaves and virgin coconut oil.

90 minutes Php 1,000

Hot Lava Stone Massage

A combination of aromatherapy and heated volcanic stones make the perfect spa pampering. The heat of the stones penetrate deep into the layers of muscles bringing you into a level of deepest relaxation leaving you enthralled.

90 minutes Php 1,400

Foot Massage

A specialized foot massage that focuses on pressure point on the foot. Great for relieving tired feet.

60 minutes Php 600


 Face Therapy

Rejuvenating Facial

Exude a youthful and radiant glow. Green apple extracts brightens the skin, while carrot oil and kaoilin purifies and hydrates, leaving the skin wonderfully smooth and rejuvenated. This wonderful facial stimulates cellular renewal.

90 minutes P 1,800

Water Lily Facial

Immediately restore lost moisture with this luxurious treatment. This corrective facial restores collagen synthesis to help repair aged and unbalanced skin. Rich in vital moisture-feeding anti-oxidants and vitamins, this will definitely heal, nourish and renew.

60 minutes Php 1,200

Appetizer Facial

A perfect introductory treatment for all skin types. Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of this treatment. Deep cleansing and refreshing, this facial will give your skin an instant boost.

30-45 minutes Php 650


For a great looking skin, Fifth Season Spa face therapy line is great for all skin types. It should continue as part of your on-going skin care regimen. Our face therapy uses the Swiss brand Prevonia Botanica using Europian techniques to improve skin tone and appearance.



Monday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 10am-10pm
Open on National Holidays



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